Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Misc. insect fair stuff

This year's insect fair at Cal Poly Pomona was very similar to last year's, but I tried to take pictures of things that caught my eye.

These are freeze dried caterpillars. I'd never seen that before. Gross, huh?

Freeze-dried monarch caterpillars. I guess their little antennas froze off.

These little anise swallowtail caterpillars were selling for 7 dollars apiece! And to think, I found all those other ones in my neighborhood for free!

In two different booths, I found different insects that appear mostly green, but with brilliant pink wings.

I can only try to imagine what this grasshopper would have looked like in nature, flying through a jungle canopy, no doubt.

This was pretty, whatever it is/was.

And what insect fair would be complete without an orchid mantis? Once again, I reluctantly decided against spending $25.00 on one of these delicate creatures. I will post soon about what I did purchase.
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