Saturday, October 28, 2006

Millipedes from the insect fair

In addition to the dead-leaf mantid nymph, I also found these millipedes irresistible. They are called Apheloria Tigana, wild-caught from North Carolina. They were on display in a wide and shallow container, and there were quite a few of them milling around in the substrate. (millipedes milling around, he he..)


Well anyway, I bought 4 of them, and after setting up one of my big jars with a few inches of oak leaf litter, they promptly burrowed down into it and stayed there. I thought maybe they might come out at night, but they didn't. After a day or two, I worried that maybe they all died, so I dug around and pulled a couple out, and they seemed OK.

So today was the first chance I had to try a photo-shoot with these guys. I took 2 out and put them in the lid. They never stopped moving.

They are kind of cute, for millipedes, I guess. They look a little bit like stretch-limo sowbugs. But it's disappointing that they don't want to come to the surface.
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