Monday, October 09, 2006

Mantis Monday for 10-09-06

This was a picture Michael made for me when he was 6. I used it for the October picture on a family calendar we made back in 1993.

Some bonus mantis pictures, just for the heck of it:

I tend to take pictures of mostly female mantids, because they're bigger and I tend to keep them for a while. I leave the males to fly free and seek mates for themselves. That's what these two were doing the other week, but they made a rest stop at my front porch light.

This guy was hanging around the porch light.

Close up. The males are smaller than the females, so their heads are smaller, but their eyes seem big in proportion to the rest of their face.

There was also this handsome and elegant green male. His legs have little bits of cobweb stuck to them from being on the ceiling of my porch. (And that gross, wrinkly piece of flesh is my hand. sorry.)
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