Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gulf Fritillary butterfly

More than 2 weeks ago, while looking for bugs to adorn a display table at the arboretum, I found a chrysalis of a Gulf Fritillary. There was a butterfly table as well, and the chrysalis went on display there for a day, then came home with me.

It emerged today.

My usual strategy for photographing flying insects is to start farther away, and just keep getting closer and taking more pictures until it flies away. After taking a few pictures on the porch, I carried the butterfly, still clinging to the branch and empty chrysalis-shell, out to a sunny spot in the yard.

I was hoping I could get a shot with its wings spread open, but I got tired of waiting, and I went to do some errands. When I came home, its wings were finally spread, but by the time I got my camera again, it had flown away.
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