Monday, August 21, 2006

A walk through the park

What Jerry has to deal with every time he takes me for a walk.

Jerry walks for health. He has been walking every day, all summer. Sometimes twice a day. He has lost about 15 lbs. I go with him when I can, usually about 5 times a week. We have some nice parks nearby. He likes to walk through them instead of along the busy street. Who can blame him? I like walking through the park, too, but I get distracted along the way, and Jerry always has to stop while I'm checking out this critter or that.

These are some of the distractions from yesterday's walk.

This robber fly was sitting so still, and it was still there later on our way home. I wonder if it was dead?

I made a point of returning to the area where I had collected the Buckeye caterpillars a few weeks ago. All the weeds where I found the caterpillars had been mowed down!

At the far end of the stream, there were still a lot of plants growing. I guess the lawnmower couldn't get down there. It's too rocky. The wall in the distance is the freeway.

Here, there were a few of those plants that the Buckeye caterpillars live on.

Lots of caterpillars here. (Few in focus, though. )

Here's a few more. This is about as close as I could get without getting in the water...

...and you don't want to get in this water!

On the way back, we passed a little hill that was covered with ice plant and heavily populated with funnel spiders. There were some pretty big ones. Or should I say big pretty ones? They can be hard for me to photograph because they are usually down in their funnels, but this one was posing nicely.

One last distraction near the path that leads back to the street. I saw this white thing in a bush and I knew it was a mantid exoskeleton. It was trapped in a little spider web, but I think it just floated down into it from a nearby tree. Just to be sure, I checked the in the bush around the shed skin, but I didn't see a mantid.

Tonight, I told Jerry if he wanted me to walk with him and not stop to look at bugs every 20 paces, we'd better stay out of the park!
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