Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A repeat-offender meets his end

This spider was found guilty of assaulting Michael by constructing an "in your face" web between his car and the little tree out front. Last week, he walked right into it and came rushing back into the house, needing me to help him make sure the spider wasn't on him somewhere. He had the spider's last meal stuck in his hair, but we didn't find the spider. Then in the wee hours yesterday, the spider was back, with its web in the same spot as before. This time, Michael was ready, and walked around it. I was able to find it later, as it rested under a leaf.

With two arachnaphobes in this house, there are some instances when spiders must be euthanized. One is Black Widows, which Jerry will not tolerate on our property. Another is an oversized orb-weaver who continues to build its web across a vital human walkway. Like the fellow above. Don't worry, he never felt a thing.
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