Friday, August 11, 2006

Buckeye and friends

I don't think I mentioned it in my previous Buckeye post, but I did bring home 2 caterpillars. I selected the largest ones I could find, so they would pupate soon. And they did. Here's one.

I was amazed that their host plant, (this "water weed", whatever it is), rooted incredibly fast. My caterpillars were done with it in just a couple of days, but by then the cuttings were sprouting out with roots.

I also discovered that it was full of tiny inchworm/looper-type caterpillars. So I kept the weed in its jar of water, and now, about a week later, some of the little inchworms are big enough for me to take pictures of:

Sometimes they hang straight down, like this one is doing.

And today, while looking at all the inchworms, I noticed a new little buckeye caterpillar. When I collected the original caterpillars and the plant, he was either still in his egg, or just a tiny hatchling that I hadn't seen.
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