Friday, July 28, 2006

A small stockpile of stuff

These are some pictures from my recent local wanderings. I wanted to post them before they get too old. I might add that I am posting from my back yard, sitting on the grass with my computer resting on an upturned cardboard box. There are all manner of pesky critters crawling on me and flying across the screen, and when something rustles in the bushes, Boomer runs over to make sure it doesn't come out here and run across my leg. But if I end up with West Nile virus next month, I'll know why.

The best thing about these spiders is that they usually build their webs down low in the shrubs, so you won't get one in the face, like some other orb-weavers.

Red Admiral. I haven't seen too many of these.

In the evening, at the arboretum, the bees were having a leisurely time on the passion flowers. It made it easy for me to get some good close ups.

To get to where the nectar is, the bees have to go under what looks like a shoe, and get "stepped on" with pollen!

(These are the wackiest flowers, aren't they?)

A fig feeding frenzy

Ho-hum, back to my front porch for a hansome moth. An olive green cutworm moth, to be exact.

...and a slender beetle of some kind.
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