Thursday, July 13, 2006

More hummingbird observations

I am amazed that the mama and baby hummingbirds are still in my backyard. The baby stayed in the Chinese elm tree until yesterday, when I heard his call coming from our crepe myrtle tree. (I had never recognized the call of a baby hummingbird before the experience I've had observing this little one.)

Mama was still feeding him, but he was also hovering around the white blossoms, and poking his beak in here and there. Maybe he is learning to feed himself there. I was lucky to take this picture when his mama came. After she fed him, they darted among the branches and suddenly flew off together into the yard behind us. I wondered if this was the last time I would see him. But minutes later, I heard his call from uphill in the next yard and then both birds came back to the crepe myrtle again. So his independence and boundaries are growing, but he's still hanging around.

There they are, in the circle.

(Fuzzy zoom-in!) I turned down the saturation in the colors of the background, so you can see the birds better. The baby has his beak open to receive a feeding.
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