Thursday, July 06, 2006

ET Sheds

I caught my ET stickbug in the act of moulting this afternoon. This is her third moult. (I'm tentatively calling it "her" now. Not entirely sure about it, though. )

She was inside her jar, of course, which makes it a challenge to photograph. I took 60 shots, and ended up with 10 that I kept for this post. (You gotta love digital photography!)

At the beginning, you can see the head has just emerged from the old skin.

Side view

The "arms" pull free.


She turned around, now head up.

A view of the "naughty bits."

Another view. So are these female parts?

After a little rest, it was snack time. She ate her whole shed skin in just a few minutes.

Here she is eating a leg of the old skin.
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