Monday, July 03, 2006

A baby hummingbird *Updated*

I spent much of yesterday preoccupied with a young hummingbird that had apparently left his nest before he could fly. At about 7AM, I noticed Boomer sniffing intently at a spot in the middle of the grass. I went to see what was so interesting, and found this little guy.

I decided to move him to a more sheltered area, because I knew it was going to be a really hot day. After a few failed attempts to get him back into the tree that he most likely fell from, I settled on leaving him under it. I took care to keep the dogs away from him. I checked on him frequently throughout the day, and I was relieved to see his mother continued to come and care for him.

She continued to come to him until it got dark. I checked on him once with a flashlight before I went to bed, and again first thing this morning. He is still there. His mama is still feeding him. Hopefully he will be strong enough to fly soon.

Update: 7-03-06 8:45PM
The little bird spent the whole day in the same spot. His mom continued to come and feed him. I didn't go too close to him this time, but he seemed to be doing very well. He was sitting up tall, preening himself and exercising his wings. I checked on him just before dark, and it looks like he is settling in for the night.

Final update: 7-06-06 9:00AM
On the morning of July 4th, the little hummingbird was hovering among the lowest branches, but still essentially within about a foot of where he was the day before. When I checked on him after breakfast, he was gone, but since then, I have come to believe he is now way up in the tree, but still hanging around. I can still hear mom and baby calling to eachother, and I can see the mom darting in and out of the tree, but the little guy is too hidden in all the leaves and branches, and he keeps moving around up there. So, as far as I can tell, he's OK!
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