Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tadpole diary, the final chapter (?)

Over the weekend, I released several of the frogs that we had raised from eggs this spring. Mrs. W. wants to keep hers, of course. She still has frogs from the tadpoles we raised about 7 or 8 years ago! This season, we had about 2 dozen tadpoles. I think about 6 of them died (at the hands of another, less experienced teacher. ) I took the frogs I raised here, and some from a third teacher, including a few sluggish tadpoles who still hadn't finished their metamorphosis, and I released them in the creek by the hospital.

Here's a few parting shots:

But then, at the creek, I noticed there were some tiny baby toads at the water's edge. I love toads, and I couldn't resist taking a few home! (only 3)

Aww, how cute is this?

I'm going to give one to Mrs. W., and one to my friend, Seon. I will keep one, for a little while.

Oh, and I guess I mis-counted when I was gathering all the froggies together for their release. When I came home, I found one little hideaway that I had missed, so I will keep him for now as well.
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