Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bird nest

Our patio cover makes for some pretty tempting nesting areas for house finches. Every spring since we had it built a few years ago, the birds have come. The only problem is that the little protected "shelf" created by the patio cover has nowhere to actually put the nesting material in where it will be secure. Last year I stuck a little basket up there, and they raised 3 clutches, but it left behind a terrible, poopy mess that Jerry was not thrilled with. This year, I was not going to give them any help, but they still came and kept trying to put their nests on the flat unprotected shelf. So I gave in and made a box. I'm hoping the ingenious design will minimize the poop factor, and make it easy to throw the whole thing away when they're done with it.

Juice carton nest box with "poop-guard" on back and sides.

I ventured precariously onto a stepladder with a mirror in one hand and my camera in the other. In a state of near panic with both arms raised high over my head and no way to steady myself, I was rewarded and amazed to count 7 baby finches! By some miracle, I was able to get a picture of their reflection, before shakily easing myself down.

About a week or so after the birds took over this juice carton, there was another pair who seemed very determined to build a nest of their own, so I made another juice box and put it several feet away. There are 5 eggs in there.
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