Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bird nest: Ready to fly!

Remember the baby birds in the orange juice box? They're already fledged and some of them left the nest today.

The daddy bird was trying to encourage the babies to leave the nest. I had to take this picture from inside the house, through the sliding door. Any closer, and he would have flown away.

Almost ready to go. You can see 3 birdies, but their 4 siblings are under there, too. It's just that if I got too close, they would try to hide. How do you hide 7 birdies in a little box?

Standing room only. I took this from inside the slider again. The little guy on the ledge flew away with Dad a few minutes later. A couple of the others flew away after that. A few remained in the nest tonight. I suppose they will be gone by morning.
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