Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Springtime on the Evening Primrose

There are several patches of evening primrose at the arboretum. The plants are still young, but growing rapidly, and attracting lots of different kinds of insects.

Eggs of the white-lined sphinx moth dot some of the leaves.

They are a lovely, pale green.

A hatchling white-lined sphinx caterpillar is just barely visible. (See the spike on the tail?)

This one was about an inch long, the biggest I saw. Most of the caterpillars at the arboretum live at great risk of predation by wasps. Fortunately for these guys, the weather has been too cloudy and chilly for the wasps. I don't know how big is too big for a caterpillar to be carried off by a wasp.

This one was a similar size, but very pale green. That's one of the things I like about these caterpillars: the variation in coloring.

A few ladybugs. I think they must be anticipating an aphid infestation.

These little beetles were pretty, but I think their larvae are chewing up a lot of the new growth on the plants. (The larvae wrap themselves in the leaves, and they're tiny, so I wasn't able to get a good shot of them. Maybe I'll try again later.)

A small katydid species.

Hatchling nymph of above. (I think)

"Sharpshooter" tree-hopper
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