Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Pestification of Eucalyptus

The good news is that I have been finding lots of bugs to take pictures of. The bad news is that I find it very tedious to go through all the pictures, weed out all the blurry ones, straighten up all the sideways ones, and figure out which ones to put on Bug Safari. Here are some I took yesterday at the arboretum. I returned to the eucalyptus trees to check on the leaf beetle population.

Lots of damage is evident on almost all new growth. According to what I have found out online, these Australian beetles were first noticed in California only in 2003.

The adult beetles are busy eating the more mature leaves.

Fat larvae match the dusky blue-green leaves.

Some of these itty bitty things among the larvae are different kinds of bugs. I need to get better pictures of them and try to identify them as well.

Larva close-up

Eggs. More destruction will follow.
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