Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's Slug Safari

I have always had what I suppose you could call a passing interest in snails and slugs. (I can't pass one by without stopping for a closer look!) Even though they're destructive in the garden and slimy to boot, there is something undeniably cool about them. After all, they are mollusks!

And since I found the blog SNAIL'S TALES, I have been inspired to take pictures of some of the many slugs that inhabit my own yard. We actually have several different kinds. At least I think they're different kinds. Maybe it's all one kind, and they just come in different colors. Maybe I should find out....

There were these stripey ones.

And these leopard-kinda-spotty ones. Look, you can see his breathing hole.

The striped and spotty ones were the most active. I couldn't get them to hold still.
I like the ripply texture on their backs.

This little pale one barely moved. He barely even extended his eye-stalks.

The black ones were also very shy. This guy took forever to "wake up". There was another black one that never moved during the whole photo session.
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