Saturday, May 13, 2006

Homebug updates

I've been lazy and somewhat reluctant to post about my own personal bugs and critters lately. Partly because the news hasn't been all that good, but also partly because I've just been lazy. So here are a few updates on things.

Remember the little premature praying mantis that I found in January (that later died)? Well, a week after he died, I found another one, and altogether I found several baby mantids that had hatched during our warm spell in January and early February. I kept them and fed them until we went on vacation last month, at which time I released them. Most of them, that is. I do still have one.

We have had mixed results with the tadpoles. I had divided them between several classrooms, and also kept a few for myself. Mrs. W's taddies are all little frogs now. (Twice, I haved brought my camera to school with the intention of taking pictures of them, only to discover that I've left the memory card in my computer.) The other teachers had varying rates of success/failure.

Mine have been incredibly slow to develop. Only one is now "fully frogified", with another soon to follow, and a few slugs who barely have legs yet.

In other frog news, my little yellow frog has been having a very rough time. He has been a very finicky eater, and he has been getting skinnier and skinnier.
I'm hoping summer will bring a good supply of
tasty bugs and flies for his dining pleasure.

Remember ET stickbug? OK, well, a few days after his first shed, (many weeks ago) he died for some unknown reason. But I still had his unhatched siblings, and last week, by some miracle, one hatched. His name is ET2. Let's hope he has better luck.

The Monday after our Green Scene at the arboretum, I was there gleaning the little fallen cactus and succulent pads left behind by the vendors, and I found a poor stink beetle that had only its front two legs. All his other legs were gone. I don't know if he was an arboretum beetle, or if he had hitchiked in some vendor's pots, but he had obviously met with a terrible disaster over the busy weekend, and was struggling mightily to stay alive and get somewhere. He is now in a little container on my porch, living on discarded produce and bearded dragon pellets.

Spike, our beloved bearded dragon, is clearly showing signs of slowing down in her old age. I fear this may be her last year with us.

Stanley, my little gecko is doing very well. Eating and growing. Unfortunately, he is nocturnal and
extremely shy, so I don't see much of him. Can you see him in his little margarine-tub house?
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