Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bug hunting in the desert

From our trip to Anza Borrego:

There were lots of ants. Near our motel, I noted 3 different kinds. (Luckily none inside our room!)

These are tiny seeds that some ants had collected. The ants are actually in the picture as well, but I couldn't focus on them because they were running around.

At the trailhead to Palm Canyon, there were bunches of these leaf-footed bugs in the old palm fronds.

I waited several minutes for this beetle to make his way down a steep canyon wall to where I could take his picture.

Apparently, he wasn't interested.

A sand-encrusted spidey hole.

Something, with a diet of predominantly sowbugs, left this behind.

My favorite find of the trip wasn't a bug. It was this baby gecko! He was on the motel property.

If you want to see a bunch of desert scenery from our trip, click here.
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