Friday, March 03, 2006

Artsy insect links

Most people who know me and read Bug Safari know that I am an artist of sorts, and I participate in a weekly online art challenge called Illustration Friday. Well, this week's topic is INSECT, and I am having an extra-fun time looking at how so many other artists have chosen to put insects in their art! And so, I have decided to fill this post with links to the insect-themed artworks that tickle my fancy. I plan on updating it frequently over this next week, so check back often!

Here's my own entry!
This one has an amazing fly!
This is a beautiful mantid.
This person has created a whole line of insect-themed childrens garden stuff. Must see!
Another mantid
Another mantid
Nice variety of bugs
cool beetle on a mushroom
a nice mantid
A sweet, fantasy sort of picture
A stylized mosquito, almost a little scary!
mantis in digital scratchboard
Another mantid
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