Monday, February 13, 2006

Tadpole diary

For the first time in three years, I have been able to collect a few frog eggs. These are Pacific tree frog eggs that I found this morning at a "new" (to me) location several miles from home. My once-favorite and closest frog-collecting place is now a neighborhood of ridiculously large and lavish homes. Other good, nearby frog places were literally swept away by the torrents of rain we received last year. This new place has a steady trickle of water from somewhere, and several slow, weedy areas where frogs can thrive and breed. I've been watching this spot for several weeks now, since some friends who teach at a school adjacent to the location told me about it. (Thanks, Lydia and Alice!)

Last night, I was hopeful that the combination of warm weather, good water supply and a full moon would make for some froggy romance. I drove over there, just to listen to see if I could hear them croaking. (I'm too chicken to actually look for frogs at night. It's too dangerous in the dark, and I'm too klutzy.) I was encouraged to hear lots of croaking, so I went back this morning, and sure enough, I found some eggs.

You can see in the picture that the egg mass is infused with lots of tiny bubbles. I think this is from all the jostling and jiggling they had to endure in transport. I'll try to post more pictures as they continue to develop
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