Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tadpole diary, day 6

First of all I should say that, even though I haven't posted about them, the taddies are fine. For the last few days, their appearance has changed a little, but not enough to justify posting more pictures.

I have been trying to capture their little wigglings on video. My little Nikon point-and-shoot has a 30-second video feature that I have barely figured out how to use. I have managed to get a video of the blob of eggs, but the next step is getting it from my computer to this blog. To further complicate matters, I spent all this evening trying to puzzle this problem out on my own while the computer geniuses in the family were busy watching TV in the other room. The result is all this typing, no video (yet,) and in the meantime, the first of the baby tadpoles has left the blob and is now more or less independent.

...and...I'm not sure I can figure out how to turn my camera back into a regular camera again before the little guys starts sprouting legs.
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