Monday, February 27, 2006

More mislabeled critters!

Back in October, I had found an obvious error in an insect book that was part of a popular children's science series. Well, today I found another mistake in a magazine ad.

While flipping through National Geographic this morning, this critter-filled ad for Go RVing caught my attention.

But on closer inspection, look at the mistakes!!

The Go RVing website has this same art on their banner, alternating with several other nice-looking banners with things like birds, fish, favorite campfire foods, etc. (You can refresh their page to see the different banners.)

On their banner, they have apparently realized that the toad is not a bullfrog, but they have also decided that the bullfrog is another kind of toad. And they still have the monarch caterpillar wrong. Sheesh! I wonder how many of the other items on the other banners are wrong, too? Who's responsible for this? Do they really think that nobody knows any different, or cares? And what about National Geographic, among other quality magazines that no doubt are running this same ad. This looks pretty bad on a magazine renown for its nature and animal articles. I wish I had nothing better to do than follow up on this one....

....and, dang it, those RV ads make me want to go camping!!!
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