Monday, January 09, 2006

More out of place critters

I rescued 2 critters over the weekend that I found in places they shouldn't be.

I found this poor little salamander Saturday night, on the floor of my garage. He was covered in dirt, dog hair, and other garage-floor debris, and he had just lost his whole tail and his back left foot. I kept him in a container with some damp leaf litter, just overnight, so I could take a better look at him in the light of day. By morning it seemed he had survived his injuries, and I released him. These kind of salamanders are very hard to keep and feed in captivity, at least for me. I figure he's better off in his own environment. And I checked this morning under the little piece of wood where I released him yesterday, and he's still there, still OK, and there was another salamander under there with him.

If you click on the above photo to enlarge it, you will also see a teeny tiny snail, to the lower left of the salamander. I didn't even know it was there until I looked at the photo.

And this was a real surprise. A hatchling mantid. In January. So I guess it's more wrong time than wrong place. After I snapped his picture, I realized the poor little guy was almost dead. Was it the chilly nighttime temps, or maybe not enough tiny insects to eat? In any case, I brought him inside, and started giving him honey-water. He is slowly starting to improve. After I found him, I looked around for more, but couldn't find any.

Update - 1/12/06: Well, the little guy didn't make it. After a day or so of improvement, I tried to feed him, but he was never really able to eat. His condition deteriorated and he died last night. Oh, well...
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