Monday, January 09, 2006

Mantis Monday for 1-9-06

This is a model I built from a kit several years ago. It's from a company that mostly manufactures model kits for things like cars and airplanes. You know, the kind where you have to twist all the little pieces off of the "tree," find where they go on the exploded diagram that passes for instructions, and glue them together with that pesky tube of smelly model glue.

I never had an interest in building a model until I found this one by chance, in a hobby store. It had a sci-fi theme, something on the order of The Praying Mantis That Attacked New York ,
and came with a cardboard background depicting a city with its hapless citizens fleeing in fear from this monster. There may also have been one or two tiny plastic cars that could be placed at the mantid's feet, or maybe in it's claws. I threw away everything but the insect itself, because on it's own, it's just a nice, realistic looking praying mantis.

So here it is. It has spent its precarious existence on my bathroom windowsill, where it almost doesn't fit, and from which it has fallen a few times. It lost an antenna, which I was never able to find. To get an idea of the size of the model, I have posed it next to my toothbrush, which was handy at the time.
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