Monday, January 02, 2006

It's Mantis Monday!

Happy New Year!

I am starting a new feature today, in which every Monday I will be posting a picture of something from my praying mantis collection. It will include pictures, jewelry, T-shirts, plastic models, and other praying mantis-obelia that I have accumulated over the years.

These are probably my oldest images, dating back to my high school days. I don't remember how I got these little pictures. Each one is only about 1" X 2". I had them taped into my school notebook. Every year, even through college, when I got a new notebook, I would clip out these pictures from the old divider pocket and tape them into the new one. When I was done with school, I saved them and they became the beginning of my collection. I do not intend to keep to any particular order for the Mantis Monday posts in the weeks and months to come. I just wanted these guys to be first because they originally were the first.
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