Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Out of Place

A few bugs found in odd or out-of-the-way places recently:

This female gray bird grasshopper has been roosting on this gatepost for at least 2 weeks.

This big spider spent a couple of precarious days too close to our garage-into-kitchen door.

This shot shows more clearly what a bad place this is for a spider to be. I was willing to leave him alone there, but later, while coming through from the other side of the door, I forgot he was there and accidently knocked him off the doorjamb. I decided to relocate him outside.

Young Monarch caterpillars on a feverfew plant.
As the arboretum milkweed supply continues to disappear, the hungry caterpillars are forced to abandon the barren stems and climb through all kinds of other flowers and plants in a search for more milkweed. I tried relocating some to the few plants that still have leaves. I gave some others to a willing local teacher who has plenty of milkweed. For what may be hundreds more, the pickings are getting mighty slim.
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