Sunday, November 13, 2005

The "new" beetle

There is such diversity among the insects, I know that even in familiar surroundings, like my own back yard, I have a chance to see something I've never seen before. And so I did today. I was not surprised, but delighted none the less. This little beetle, about the size of a large ladybug, was on my patio wall. I thought it's shell looked like ceramic pottery. I decided to post the pictures first, and try to identify it later.

Update: I have figured out what kind of beetle this is. Click here for details.

When I first saw the beetle, it was resting.

After taking a few pictures of it at rest, I "goosed" it to see what it would do. All of a sudden, out popped the head, antennae and legs.

It seemed to have one bum leg, but it was running all over the place.

Then I picked it up. Just like a ladybug, it climbed up my hand, spread its wings, and flew away.

Note: I really don't like seeing my hand or fingers in my close up photos, although sometimes, it's hard to avoid it. When I see my fingers up close, I feel like I'm looking at a "5-pack of pink sausages". This shot is so close, though, you (almost) can't tell it's a hand.
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