Monday, October 10, 2005

Nit-picking and fact finding *UPDATED*

(Please see update at bottom of post)

So, while I was shopping at WalMart today, my eyes were drawn to this book:

I flipped through it and was surprised to see this creature labeled as a Monarch caterpillar:

It was definitely not a monarch caterpillar, although I could tell it was "in the family". As soon as I got home, I went online to find it, and here it is: Oleander butterfly Native to Australia.

The book showed a regular Monarch butterfly and chrysalis. Just the caterpillar was wrong. I wonder how this got past the editors, and does any one else care, or even notice the mistake?

*UPDATE* 10/12/05
Today was my day to volunteer at my local elementary school. While I was there, I checked, and sure enough, the misinformed book was on the shelf in their library. When I called the error to the attention of my teacher/friend (who is also a nature and bug enthusiast) she said I should notify the publisher. I just might do that. We'll see.
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