Saturday, October 15, 2005

A morning at the Insect Fair

Follow the signs. Right this way!

Got my hand stamped with my admission.

Just a big room full of bug stuff.

A lot of it was dead specimens in glass-topped boxes.

More dead bugs my next post....

Of course, my favorite stuff is the hands-on.

Look at this little girl touching a millipede.

And, here's what she found so delightful.

This is a little too delightful, even for me.

I liked this lady. She puts on educational shows for kids' parties, schools, etc.
(Bell's Bugs, Etc.)

Loved the hat.

This vendor had a bunch of mantids for sale, but he didn't have the kind I wanted. (Dead Leaf mantis)

He did have this pretty orchid mantis, though.

Anybody wanna buy a cockroach?

And, oh yeah, Bio Quip was there. They have all kinds of bug collecting supplies. Check out their website.
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