Sunday, October 16, 2005

Insect fair purchases

A T shirt with a cool praying mantis on it. (from the UC Riverside booth, obviously)

And...3 eggs that will hopefully hatch in a couple of months into ......


The Australian Giant Prickly Stick insect, AKA Macleay's Spectre
Extatosoma tiaratum

(This photo is from the internet, because I was not able to get a good picture yesterday through their screened enclosure at the fair.)

Regarding the pricing on the orchid mantis, I'm sorry to say I didn't even look at the price, because I had no intentions of buying one, but generally exotic mantids sell for $15.00 and up as small nymphs. A subadult like the orchid mantis could well be $30.00 or more.

My prickly stick eggs were $10.00 for all 3. This is the first time I have seen those eggs for sale. The insects themselves are generally not sold, but displayed for educational purposes only. So I feel lucky to have been able to buy the eggs.
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