Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yes, I'm still here.

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted here. I've been busy with other things, like my art blog. Plus I was pretty much glued to TV and internet coverage of Katrina. I haven't had time to do much bug-hunting. I still have the two female mantids that I was saving to show people at the arboretum next month, but I found out yesterday that they're not going to have their big plant show next month with all the booths and displays, and there will be no Bug Safaris. Bummer. I will have one more Bug Safari in a couple of weeks, and that's it for the year. Then, I think I'll set my the mantids free.

One weird story: A few weeks ago, I was trimming some bushes in the back yard. I was trying to be careful, because I knew this guy lived in there. I didn't see him. After working outside, I went inside for a little while, looked at my email and stuff, and decided to do a little work out front. I was on my front porch, and I felt an itch inside my clothes. I scratched around a little, thinking a twig had gotten under my clothes, and what did I pull out? Yes, him! You don't want to know where I found him; I haven't a clue how he got there, or how I managed not to crush him.

He was mangled and weak, but he survived. He had one iffy-looking hind leg, but he had his final shed the other day, and the leg survived too. He has been living on a basil plant on my patio. Last night he caught a good-sized moth that just happened to fly within his reach. I expect that soon he will be flying away to find a mate.

There have been grasshoppers aplenty, in a rainbow of colors. After admiring them briefly, I have been feeding them to the mantids, the lizards, and my little yellow frog.
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