Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yet another grasshopper

Here's another in my (apparently) endless series of grasshopper colors.

Some flying things...

...that stopped flying long enough for me to take their pictures.

A sweat bee on a cosmos flower.

Cactus fly on buddleia.

Another one on a sunflower.

The beetle graveyard

There is a certain fig tree in the arboretum under which many beetles find their final resting place. The leaf litter is also littered with their shiny green shells.

Beetle Business

This beetle was on the ground. It was looking for a place burrow into the mulch.

OK. It found a place.

First time butterfly for me.

A Cloudless Sulphur butterfly. I haven't seen many of these, and this is the first time I was lucky enough to have one land and sit still for me. Probably because it was kind of tattered. Cool none the less.

This ladybug was on my window. It gave me a good opportunity to see "under the chassis"

Thursday, August 18, 2005

This Season's Big Mantids

The same day that I found the two big grasshoppers, I also found a huge sub-adult female praying mantis.

She was getting close to her final moult.

Here she is, all grown up.

What a face!

We have mantids in green, too. Here is my green girl in her jar. She was stalking a cricket.

Now she's all grown up, too. But she's about 1/2" smaller than her brown sister.

Just a big yellow grasshopper

I also have one in classic green if you prefer!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New and Improved!!

My blog header, that is. After much trial and error, fumbling and head-scratching, I have finally put a personal touch to my title area. Hooray for me!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Arboretum 8-2-05

This was my first chance in a while to walk the arboretum without having to study a particular area for an upcoming tour.

It's going to be a good year for spiders.

This was a large funnel web spider that had actually stepped out of its funnel.

Not sure what kind this is, but I like the pattern on the abdomen.

On the Red Wine Iochroma Plant:
I always like it when a single plant has a lot of different bugs on it. This is a species of nightshade. Poisonous, but it still has it's community of insects. The most interesting is the 3 lined potato beetle. Their larvae do some serious damage to the leaves. They excrete their waste through an opening in the middle of their backs. The mud-like coating is full of the toxins from the plants, so the little grubs are protected from predators.

Beetlel larvae with their protective layer of toxic poop.

close up

Death of a hornworm. This caterpillar was huge, and gross. What killed it? Who can say. Just another interesting thing to see on this plant. (I also saw flies, wasps, and the adult potato beetles on this bush.)

Wasp nest on a palm frond .

Look closely, you can see the eggs!

I never get tired of grasshoppers
especially when they are so colorful. These are all gray bird nymphs.

Basic green

Nice pattern/colors

This white one looks like it's saluting. It's really just grooming its antenna.
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