Saturday, July 16, 2005

The reptile show that turned into a bug safari

Today was the much anticipated IRBA reptile expo in Pomona. Normally their July show is in San Diego, and it's really big. I've never actually gone to that one, but I've been to their Pomona shows before, and they're pretty mediochre. I was hoping this show would have the size and selection of the San Diego show, conveniently located much closer to home. In reality, it was actually smaller than usual.

I was hoping to find another little yellow frog, but they didn't have any. I bought some live food for the lizards, and pellets, and this little nifty enclosure with the really silly name:

It's an Explorarium!
This is the small size, 12" x 18". They come in 2 bigger sizes.

It has a little velcro opening on top...

...and a bigger zipper door on the side.

And it's got bugs inside!! Well, I put them in there, of course. (I'll explain in a moment.)

I also got some silkworms. I'm going to fatten them up and feed them to the lizards.

Here they are injoying a spacious container and real mulberry leaves to eat.

They were in this little container eating "silkworm chow". It was yucky and gross.

It did have a nifty screen lid that I may be able to re-use for something. Or someone.

...But the really cool part of the show was after we left. On our way back to the parking lot, (and we were parked way far away) the planters in between the fairplex buildings were filled with good bugs! At first I was just collecting grasshoppers. I figured I would just stick them in my new Explorarium. But after the second grasshopper, I found a praying mantis, and then I was in major bug-hunting mode. I ended up with 8 of them!
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