Thursday, May 05, 2005

In the name of science (projects)

Finally, last weekend, I took Brice and his friends to search for insects for their science projects. The collections are due this Friday. Typical kids, they have waited till the last minute to find their specimens. Brice does not have this project in his Bio class. He has simply "rented out" my services and come along to hassle his friends and catch bugs for them.

Brice, at right, goes into action as his friends watch.

The weeds are ridiculously high, full of prickly things and pollen that irritates my allergies. Pretty soon, the good bug finding will be over. The city might even mow all that stuff down. I think they do it every year or so. In the meantime, there were lots of caterpillars.

Unidentified caterpillar

I found out what stinging nettles are, the hard way. Red Admiral caterpillars like living in them.
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