Thursday, May 05, 2005

I returned to the trail

After going with the kids last weekend, I couldn't resist going back to take a few more pictures and carefully (with chopsticks and a hand clipper) collecting a few more stinging nettle cuttings for the caterpillar I brought home the other day. When we were there on Sunday, there were other people on the trails, biking and even other high school insect collectors. Yesterday it was deserted. I find it to be a bit unnerving.

An impenetrable wall of weeds and wild plants. The city (or someone) planted lots of native plants last year. They have grown with a vengence. There are still plenty of invasive weeds, though.

A wall of thistles

Inhospitable to us bigger animals, but they turned out to be a veritable caterpillar condo.

Sheltered living in the prickly towers

In the toughness, beauty.

I'm still fascinted by the snails out there. One day, I'd like to get there early enough to see them all out moving around. (But I think it would be even scarier out there at dawn. There's coyotes and who knows what else.) This ping-pong ball siized snail is sleeping on a low-hanging branch in an elderberry tree, oblivious to the activities of all the much smaller critters nearby.

A few inches away, a ladybug. (why don't they paint VW's like this??)
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