Friday, March 11, 2005

Wandering and pondering

My mother in law always used to make comments about other peoples' clothing, or the fabrics they were made from. She would say things like, "That's such a pretty fabric." or "That woman's sweater is nice, but I could never wear that style." She made similar observations about hairstyles. Although I never said anything out loud, I was often annoyed by her little remarks because she did it so often, and besides, I could care less about fashion.

Then, some time ago I realized that my own observational habits are not only as frequent as hers were, they include subjects that most people either don't notice at all or wouldn't want to look at anyway. How could I fault her for being obsessed with hats and hemlines when my gaze is so easily drawn to a leafy bush that's obviously infested with something.

This is just part of a field of oxalis/clover/weeds growing on the edge of Craig Park. Something is devouring the leaves. The only thing I can find are what I think are Syrphid fly larvae, but I thought they ate aphids. (and aphids don't eat holes in leaves like this.)

If you click to enlarge this picture, you can see the larvae in the center.
(Who really does care, anyway.)

I am still trying to find tadpoles in the local waters; still not finding any. But at least I brought my camera with me this time, and found a few things to look at that made the trek worthwhile.

There were some poppies growing among the weeds.

This guy is just about ready to shed his cap.

I couldn't get very close to this lizard for fear of scaring him away, but I had to try to get a shot of him. The sun had just come out (late morning fog burn-off) and he was staking out a territory for himself.
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