Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Toby and Spike

This is generally not a very good time of year for finding bugs, unless you count the ants in our bathroom. I figure, though, that anyone who appreciates bugs would not mind seeing my lizards, either.

Toby and Spike are brumating right now. It's kind of like a low-level hibernation. They sleep most of the time, and don't eat, but they do move around a little bit, and will wake up and look around if you turn on the light or make some sort of commotion near their tank. Spike had been completely hidden under the logs since the end of October. Toby was sleeping with just her head visible. A few days ago, they moved to where you can see them both. I thought they looked cute.

After the holidays, I will start warming them up again.

Sleeping beauties: Toby (on the bottom) and Spike
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