Wednesday, October 20, 2004

This is why I call it "Bug Safari"

It's my favorite job at the arboretum, and the reason I signed up to become a Nature Guide. I take kids around and we just look for whatever bugs we can find. Of course, I try to locate stuff beforehand, so I can take them to areas where they will find something interesting.

This past weekend, we started out behind the Heritage House, where there is a good-sized square planter that the kids can access from all sides with their bug nets. There were bees, stinkbugs and harlequin bugs, an inchworm, several grasshoppers and katydids, and a pretty yellow crab spider.

Then, on to the deciduous woodland, where there were an abundance of box elder bugs in all sizes running around in the leaf-litter.

From there, the thorn forest, where a Green Lynx spider was guarding her egg case while eating a bee. Several other bushes along the way had miscellaneous and variable critters. Not too many butterflies. Not enough sun for them. But all in all there was enough for the kids to see, and I was able to contain it to about 30 minutes per tour.

I didn't have time to take pictures during the safaris, but I went back on Monday, to get shots of the grasshoppers, as part of my continuing series on grasshopper color variation:

Classic green


2 nymphs

Dark nymph

The Green Lynx spider had caught another bee, too.
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