Friday, October 29, 2004

Hope for next year

This was a female that I did not originally keep in captivity, but I had marked her with 2 tiny dabs of green paint, and I kept tabs on her in my yard. She survived some serious rainstorms and temperatures that may have dropped into the lower 50's. Maybe even in the upper 40's. (That's actually pretty cold for this area at this time of year.)

Anyway, I felt sorry for her, having to endure the weather. Almost to the end of her life cycle. I brought her in and fed her. This afternoon I could hear her, restlessly scratching away at the side of her jar. Tonight I returned from an event at the arboretum to find her beginning an egg sac.

I don't know if she had mated, but hopefully, there will be more baby mantids next spring.

Ootheca in progress.
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